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Executive & Relationship


It's action-oriented.

It's results-focused. 

It's confidential.

It's boundary pushing.

It's celebratory.

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Executive & Relationship

It's action-oriented.
It's results-focused.
It's confidential.
It's boundary pushing.
It's celebratory.
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Ways To Work With Me

As a Certified Coach accredited by the International Coaching Federation, I use an ontological coaching practice that focuses on who you're being, i.e., who you truly are at your best; what you want to create for your life; and the automatic, fear-avoidant responses that get in the way of you accomplishing what you want.

As a coach, I offer different coaching containers to work with me. Schedule a connection call to learn more.

The Liberated CEO

Private 1:1 Coaching for Business Owners


Your business has became this monster that eats up everything you have from your time, personal relationships, to your confidence & passion. 

You feel trapped and overwhelmed in your own success spending your days running around putting out fires while managing employee morale, and spending your nights feeling unfulfilled, trying to not worry about who’s mad at you, and numbing your thoughts with alcohol, your peloton, working more, or whatever it is you use to avoid.

You have the skills and competency to run your business, but no one has taught you how to see and address your own self-sabotage or how to mentally be with the monster of your business. You want something different that makes you feel fulfilled, but you don't know what that is and you're scared of losing what you've built.

I know you know it’s time for change. You’ve done all the trainings and tried taking the vacations, yet you keep coming back to these same thoughts “is this really the life I want” and “how do I fix this” and these thoughts have intensified. 

You want to feel understood and helped by someone who’s been there and understands the nuances of what you’re experiencing as a business owner.

You want better relationships. You want freedom (from your thoughts; from the handcuffs to your business; the list goes on). 

I get it. I’ve been a business owner for 17+ years and an attorney for 7 of the years where I intensely felt trapped, lost, & unfulfilled. 

After being coached myself (& continue to be coached) I’ve finally cut the handcuffs between my self-worth and my professional work allowing me to work less without guilt or feeling like a failure, and enjoy my life without the need to achieve or be productive. 

Being truly passionate about helping business owners go from feeling unfulfilled and trapped to experiencing freedom to create the life they crave without shame or guilt, I became a professional coach who helps people just like you. 

This coaching container is not another personal development course. This is me and you in relationship looking under your hood, discerning what's keeping you in cycles so they no longer have a hold on you, and building internal strategies. I don’t just want you to have a thriving business, I want you to have it all where you go from feeling trapped by your business  to thriving as a leader who has space and freedom. 

This is for you if you need support, accountability, and tools to:

  • Become more self-aware so you can have clarity of what you want and take the reins back on your life as a business owner. 
  • Add power and velocity to you working less and living more without losing your success.
  • Learn how to take exceptional care of yourself. 
  • Breakthrough sabotaging patterns.

Curious for more or want to get started? Then let’s chat through a 30-minute Connection Call.

Commitment: 6-month minimum so we can create a real impact in your life.

Support: 2 private calls a month + 2 group calls with my other clients (optional) + ongoing email, text, and voice memo support.

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The Connected Couple

Couples Coaching for Busy, High-Achievers


For couples where both individuals are ambitious, high-achieving people who are ready to enrich their relationship to create a connected partnership. 

As ambitious people, your work is thriving yet your nights are sexless and you both feel disconnected, on edge, undervalued, and resentful, ending your days exhausted collapsing before you’re even in bed. When disagreements arise, it’s followed by screaming, defensiveness, storming away, or shutting down and then this spills into your work perpetuating more tension. 

You know it’s time to get guidance from a professional who's been there and has come out the other side because you keep coming back to the same hamster wheel where you’re chasing each other but never feeling connected as you cycle through tip-toeing on eggshells, pleasing and trying to make them happy, abandoning your own needs, falling back into the grind of work, feeling unappreciated, resentment, silent treatment, explosion, needs finally being met, and then back to tip-toeing on eggshells. 

I get it. My personal life is not immune to challenges (no one's is immune) and my relationship has been coached while we navigated co-owning businesses and raising a family.

It's from this lived experience, and from years of coaching high-achieving clients where the conversation always returns to their love life dilemmas, that I know coaching works and every couple should both feel like they’re winning, feeling emotionally connected and seen by their partner, and their work isn’t suffering because of their relationship.

This coaching container isn’t talk-therapy and it’s not a one-size fits all approach—it’s personalized guidance to meet your specific needs. It’s results-oriented where I use proven tools, techniques, and strategies to help each partner get connected with their unique desires underneath all of their responsibilities, get into action to create those results, and learn relationship tools you weren’t taught growing up so you can continue bringing in more joy and connection into your relationship during and after this coaching container.

This is for you and your partner if you each are:

  • Giving nearly all of your time and attention to your work/business, leaving you too tired for quality time or intimacy and you see how it’s creating stress and tension at home.
  • Finding it difficult to feel seen and heard in your relationship.
  • Willing to put down the idea that something is “wrong” and needs to be “fixed” and instead relate to these things as disparities or gaps.
  • Ready to look inward because you know work like this is an inside-out job.
  • Willing to create joint goals and individual goals.
  • Willing to take action to bring pleasure, fun, & play back into the relationship.

Curious for more or want to get started? Then let’s chat through a 30-minute Connection Call.

Commitment: 3-Months

Support: 3 joint calls a month + ongoing email, text, and voice memo support.

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Coaching May Be For You If:

  1. You identify as being externally successful but internally unfulfilled.

  2. Yearn for a work-life balance and don't want to sacrifice one for the other. 

  3. You feel immense pressure from all pillars of your life to be all things to all people.

  4. You struggle creating and fostering close relationships.

  5. You doubt your abilities and want to work on your confidence and self-compassion.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to Expect:

Being a trailblazer requires the imagination to see something different – and the willingness to take risks to get there. It means walking to the edge of your comfort zone – over and over again.  Blazing your own path demands that we clarify your vision and create a roadmap to get there.

This work isn't therapy. Instead this work is about reclaiming yourself, your life, and undergoing a shift in your being. 

As we work together, here’s what you should expect:

  • We begin through a Connection Call to ensure working together makes sense for both of us.
  • We will collaborate to get clear on your objectives and co-create a strategic action plan to achieve your desired outcomes.
  • You will be called to reflect on beliefs you hold about yourself, the world, and be invited to shift the way you live your life and integrate new ways of being (rather than ways of "doing") through embodiment and mindfulness practices.
  • Confidential. I follow the highest standards of professional ethics and confidentiality. 
  • Uncovering the patterns in life that keep you from achieving your goals and fulfillment.
  • Taking bold, messy action over and over again to build your confidence, clarity, and self-reverence.

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