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Welcome, Trailblazers.

I work with (both men & women) entrepreneurs, CEOs, and couples pursue genuine transformation, liberate their hidden potential, and actually enjoy their life.

This work isn't therapy. This work is about reclaiming yourself, your life, and undergoing a shift in your being. 

I am a certified professional coach, a former attorney, & I have almost 2 decades of experience of being a business owner myself. What this means for you is I have the tools and practices as a coach to help you get out of your own way and move you forward, and, I know first hand what the overwhelming pressure can feel like as a business owner (and as a business-owning couple).  

My Mission:

Help you reclaim yourself, liberate what's possible, and actually enjoy your life. 

What To Expect:

Coaching is action-oriented and results-driven. 

Is your relationship lacking connection? Do you feel like your career or role in your business is a hamster-wheel leading to burnout over and over again? Navigating complex change? Navigating parenthood and your unwavering ambition for your career? Uncertain about your next steps?

Perfect. These are great starting points. I co-create with you to clarify your objectives, design an action plan, and stand for your commitment of you achieving your objectives.

You will be called to reflect on beliefs you hold about yourself, the world, and be invited to shift the way you live your life and integrate new ways of being (instead of ways of "doing") through embodiment and mindfulness practices. Learn more about my Coaching Philosophy here.

Coaching is completely confidential because I know creating real results takes getting real and sharing the good, the bad, and the ugly of what's going on in your life. No topic is off limit. It's a judgment-free zone so you can feel safe to let loose of what's really going on. It's in this place where we gain clarity as to what's driving you, what's hooking you, and what action would be meaningful to transform your future.  

The side effects of coaching are tremendous. My clients say they now know what self-love feels like, they've gained confidence in new areas, they feel connected with their purpose, their leadership expanded, their relationships improved, they trust more, they've shed expectations and guilt, they've gained time, and they have better sleep. Effectively, they are embodying a healthier lifestyle where they're not chasing fulfillment or an invisible line of "enough-ness." I know this is true because this happened for me, too (click here to learn About Me).


You'll Learn To:

  • Have a thriving business without burning out.¬†
  • Improve your relationships (professionally to romantically).
  • Trust yourself.
  • Act on your true desires despite the critics.
  • Add¬†time into your day.
  • Be¬†your authentic self in the face of judgment.¬†¬†
  • Take exceptional care of yourself.¬†

Learn more about my work by tuning into my podcast, Trailblazing Growth.  

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"Rebekah is down to earth, approachable, so very genuine.
At the same time, she is a progressive, forward movement visionary.

She is a determined, results-driven, compassionate leader who finds great satisfaction in empowering others and helping them succeed in reaching their goals. And then challenging them to imagine what their next goal may look like.

She totally understood and could relate as she has been there.  I was able to learn from her shared experiences. She is the real deal!" 

Testimonial from Kathy B.

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