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The Staying Small & Burnout Cycle

This episode dives into how your unacknowledged, limiting beliefs sabotage you from creating the results you’re seeking and keeps you in the burnout cycle.

In this episode, I invite you to: 1) take on practices that will support you to spot your limiting beliefs, and 2) I offer reframed perspectives to use to plant new beliefs that empower you to take forward movement towards your desire in the face of resistance.

A common fear that shows up in a few different flavors is: “People aren’t going to like me when they find out why I’m really doing this project.”

They believe if they use a “means to end” that’ll it’ll be seen as vanity, and vanity makes you gross and disingenuous . . . and therefore bad. So, naturally, they fear they won’t be liked if they take on this project because this they fear people will conclude this project is being used only to serve them in a larger way instead of being purely selfless.

What happens? Well, this limiting belief breeds fear and fear breeds shame. Shame turns into acting in ways that keep you small and safe & avoiding situations that might activate your fear of looking like a vanity project.

It’s cyclical. And, it’s this cycle that breeds burnout because being in a self-fulling prophecy is a lose-lose situation which creates overwhelm and exhaustion.

Tune into learn of the reframe I provided my client that allowed her to trailblaze ahead in the face of the critics of life.

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