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Lynlee Altman: Separating Personal Worth from the Business’s Performance to Working with Obama

If you want to hear a real story about a woman who built something from nothing, triumphed her fears, optimized hurdles, sold her business, and had fun while doing it—then this is the episode to listen to.

Lynlee calls herself the "Accidental Entrepreneur." Lynlee is the founder of a Cleveland-based construction company who made it all the way to President Obama’s business table talking shop about business with Obama himself.

She dives into what it was like at the beginning when she was a new mom, a chemical engineer, and an entrepreneur all at the same time competing with billion-dollar entities in the federal construction world while being that “female” leader.

She shares her ebbs and flows from hiding her paychecks waiting to ensure she could pay herself followed by being a trailblazing voice in Washington D.C to winning several national-based awards. It’s real; it’s vulnerable; it’s honest.

Fear of failure. Fear to leave. Fear of still being significant and losing her voice after she sold her business. Fear of not doing anything. . . . She demystifies it all.

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