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Addressing the Elephant in the Room

In this episode, I dive into what the elephant looks and feels like, what happens if it doesn’t get addressed, and how to practice addressing what you see.

Addressing what’s in the space . . it’s risky as you don’t know what mess will ensue, how others will react, if you’ll be heard, “will they stop liking me after this?” and a whole list of other unknowns bouncing around in your head before choosing into the uncomfortable, bold thing.

Addressing the elephant is intentionally causing a potential mess and standing in the resistance, discomfort, and reactions. It’s risky. We tell ourselves it’s dangerous because there are so many unknown, lurking variables. So, most people avoid it—which is natural—because it’s uncomfortable to go against the grain and humans frankly don’t like to be uncomfortable. We seek out comfort. But you can feel and see this elephant. So, what do you do about it? When do you address it? Who addresses it?

When you address the elephant, this is you practicing the art of causing your own leadership. Yes, you can “cause” your own leadership. As you’re learning from my podcast, leadership is not a title—rather, it’s a state of being. You can choose to be a leader, and you can cause leadership to happen despite the title you hold.

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